Supernaturally....well, supernatural

Well, about a month or two ago, I finally gave in and decided to start watching Supernatural. After years of seeing it would come on after re-runs of Charmed on TNT anyway and wanting to know what it was all about. Then began my week of cramming all 8 (currently) seasons and I am so glad I did. The show is excellent. After watching Charmed when I was younger, it was a nice change to see a different take on the supernatural side of things. I love the relationship between Dean and Sam and a lot of times, I definitely feel the brotherly dynamic. I cried when they cried. I also just love Castiel to bits. I couldn't even hate him when he went all evulz. Just kept wanting to hug him anyway. =D

I do plan to buy the DVD's when I can as it's definitely a show I will be happy to view over and over again. And the blooper reels are priceless.

Also, I fricken hate that hag, Meg. Not to go all fangirl, but, damn it...she touched Castiel (I choose to repress whenever she was around him). The skank. Grr. (No offense to any Meg fans.) I did like (rather, tolerated?) her when she was in the beginning of the show. Then she came back with that other actress playing her. And touched Cas. Gah.

Ah, being a newbie...good times.

Well, I've officially decided to try and start/maintain an LJ blog thinger. I admit, I'm completely crap at doing blogs/journals/etc., but I thought I'd give it a shot. I know mainly people use this to post fanfiction, and while I have written multiple ones, I plan to only post what I've already put out there back when I used to write full time. They're already on, but I thought I could slap them on here just for backup. I have written more than what is posted on that site, but they're not for, for lack of a better phrase, "public consumption" XD (My little private fanfics will never be seen, as A) for a personal reason (silly, really) and B) my writing style is not exactly...refined, so to speak.) I think I will try to post (maybe not uber in-depth) reviews of shows/movies/books I like even though I've had no practice doing so.

I am mainly doing this all of a sudden because I realized I should try to connect with people out there more (I am a little nerd/geek that just practically loves up my computer all the time and turns into Gollum when faced with socializing most days) and I would like to connect with others to be able to talk about things I love (or hate =P).

Well, Allons-y!